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“Arestis Loukoumades” Stand :: Agias Phylaxeos Road, (next to “Vilanos Properties” Estate Agency at 275 Agias Phylaxeos) + 357 99 150 012 :: Every other Sunday, i.e.: 17 November 2013, 1 December 2013, etc. :: 5 Euros for a large tray, 3 Euros for a small tray


I am a bit of a stickler when it comes to ingredients and good food. Of course most things are a matter of taste, but when something is of excellent quality, chances are more than just 1 person will agree that it is good. Two years ago when I first moved to Cyprus I didn’t have a clue where to find the “good stuff”. I relied on family and friends to point me in the right direction, exploring their suggestions and ones I found myself and eventually coming up with a list of my own “good stuff”.


It’s always developing, but I have a few items on my list. This week I thought I would talk about my favourite loukoumades place in Limassol. Of course I am sure there are other amazing loukoumades in Cyprus, but “Arestis Loukoumades” are definitely worth a try. Every time I drive up Agias Phylaxeos road (north of the Ayia Fyla round about) I glance to my left to see if Arestis’ Loukoumades is open. It is only there once every two weeks, which makes these loukoumades even more of a special treat when the stand is open. For those of you who don’t know what loukoumades are, I like to think of them like a Cypriot (and Greek) version of a fried doughnut (we published a recipe here) minus the hole in the middle.


They are round fried pieces of dough dipped in orange-blossom flavoured sugar syrup (in Cyprus) or drizzled with honey and cinnamon (in Greece). My favourite loukoumades in Limassol are made by Antonis Arestis who operates a stand with his wife and niece in Agias Phylaxeos every two weeks.  I took my first bite almost a year ago and have been going back to visit Antonis ever since. I also started taking them to my friend’s and family’s houses on different occasions, who also think they are special.


I think it speaks for itself when I say that – one time – my friend who was visiting Lithuania sent me a text to ask me if I could take some to his mom. These loukoumades are crispy on the outside and served fresh and hot every time. They are dipped into a flavourful syrup.


Quite simply, my favourite loukoumades in Limassol. You can buy a large tray for 5 euros, or a small try for 3 euros. There are also  shamishi and bombes for sale.

loukoumades limassol

Foodie Find Question & Answer with “Arestis Loukoumades”

1. Can you give those making loukoumades at home a tip?

“Yes. Make sure the dough has risen before you cook them. In Greek we say “thimoni to zimari” which literally translates to “the dough gets mad”. Make sure the dough is ready for the best loukoumades.”

2. How did you learn to make loukoumades?

“My wife learned from her mom about 15 years ago, and we have been selling loukoumades for the past few years now.”

3. Do you sell your loukoumades elsewhere?

“We are always at the fairs. We also fulfill specially placed orders if someone phones us directly on + 357 99 150 012.”

4. Is there a “busy” time of year for loukoumades?

“Yes, the winter time.”

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  1. I could not agree with you more. Every visit to Cyprus, this place is a must for me. They are ‘Simply the best!’

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