Bitter Oranges/Seville Oranges:  Seville Orange Marmalade

Cauliflower: Drizzle & Dip’s Roasted Cauliflower Soup

Chard: The Wednesday Chef’s Chard Gratin

Lemon: Cyprus Lemonade :: Cyprus Egg-Lemon Soup (“Avolemono”)

Pomelo: Recipe Coming Soon

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JANUARY: It’s a bit late this month for me to be writing up this feature, but it’s because I was in Canada until about a week ago. Yesterday I decided to go to the village. I honestly thought there would be nothing growing in the village in January. I was wrong. Not only did I find the below foods, but there were also oranges, mandarins and bergamot. I would definitely recommend visiting a Cyprus village around this time of year. The weather is cool, but the scenery is green and beautiful.


CAULIFLOWERS & BITTER ORANGES: One of the first things I spotted were beautiful cauliflower and bitter oranges (also known as Seville Oranges). Cauliflower needs no introduction. But the bitter oranges do. I went once with friends to our village, picked a bunch of oranges and tried to eat them raw. They were bitter oranges – I didn’t know – and so the resulting meal was unpleasant. But, what bitter oranges do make is fantastic jam. It took me awhile to realise that I could actually make something fantastic with these oranges, and I will be sharing the recipe soon.

swiss chard recipe cyprus chard cyprus amargetti

CHARD: It is also chard season. Chard is apparently extremely healthy for you, and is high in vitamins A, K and C. But I have never been a big fan of chard. I think it’s because I always ate it boiled with lemon as I was growing up and so I never gave it much thought as an exciting vegetable. But this month I’m going to try something different with it.


LEMONS: The lemon trees are filled with lemons at the moment. Every where you look there are lemons. It almost seems a crime to buy them from a grocery store when they are literally falling off the tress in the cities. The above picture is not of a lemon tree, but I just couldn’t resist posting a picture of the budding trees in the village. They are so pretty.

pomeloPOMELOS: Pomelos are still in season. I always think of this fruit as a cross between an orange and a grapefruit. Much less juicy. There is a pomelo salad that I am obsessed with which I intend on making and putting up on the blog. It is so good that whenever I would talk about my experience of living in Thailand, I would inevitably ask people if they had ever eaten a thai pomelo salad. When I returned to London after Thailand I was obsessed with making it and scoured the internet and cookbooks to find a recipe. I’ll be sharing it on the website soon.