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Cyprus Vetch (“Louvana”): Louvana Salad With A Sweet Vinaigrette

Wild Fennel:  Kolokotes (Butternut Squash Pies)

Sage: Sage tea for a sore throat by “The Kitchn”

Wild Asparagus: Cyprus Springtime Risotto

Wild Mushrooms (Oyster & Red): Garlic Butter Roasted Mushrooms by Smitten Kitchen

FEBRUARY: I think February should be called “foraging for green vegetables” month. Because that’s what one can find now. Greens everywhere. It is good timing, as many people in Cyprus will begin fasting in just a few days, so the timing nicely coincides. There are plenty of almond blossoms at the moment as well. And they are beautiful.

louvanaLOUVANA (“CYPRUS VETCH”): If you visit the fields now, you will find plenty of “louvana” otherwise known as Cyprus vetch. It is a very bitter green, and I have yet to take a liking to it. But I think it might work in a salad with a sweet dressing, so I am working on that.


WILD FENNEL: You can see the wild fennel poking up from the bottom of the picture above. We didn’t find any bulbs though, just the tops. So will be adding this to a risotto, together with the wild asparagus, to give it flavour. The smell is incredible.


WILD ASPARAGUS: Wild Asparagus is pretty hard to find. This is what the plant looks like, but without any wild asparagus on it. Though I had no luck finding any wild asparagus in this location, it is fun to be able to run around some fields and find your own is kinda of a fun experience.

springSAGE: OK, the above isn’t a picture of sage, but you can see it in the pictures above. But it’s just so nice in the village right now, I couldn’t help but post a picture of the surroundings we were in, when we were foraging. Sage is a really great herb. It’s very strong, but I just love it in tea with some honey.


WILD OYSTER MUSHROOMS: I was lucky enough to go wild mushroom picking with one of the experts in Cyprus. I learned a lot and I will probably write a separate article about wild mushroom picking in due course. This year, however, there was very little rain which means that there are very little wild mushrooms out. We searched for about 3 hours to only find about 5!



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  1. Such lovely pics and what a wonderful blog. I am so glad I found you 🙂

    • afroditeskitchen

      Thank you, so kind of you to say and for visiting my blog! I look forward to chatting in the comments in future. 🙂

  2. Güneş

    Do you know if Louvana seeds are cooked or not?

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