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This is one of my all time sweet & salty combinations. I am posting it today, because essentially I am waiting to be able to post the recipes for the six dishes I made this past Saturday for Taste Magazine. They are being published on 8 June, and I was asked not to publish the recipes on my website until they come out. I am also a good kind of tired from having spent a week planning the recipes, and then cooking them on the day. So this week I wanted to take off – or just post the recipes I had already made. But since I have to wait a bit before posting those recipes, I thought I’d share today an easy snack food that most Cypriot enjoy during the summer: cold sweet watermelon and salty halloumi. Pair it with a Cyprus coffee on the veranda, a quiet afternoon, and it’s pretty much happiness in my book.

watermelon and halloumi cypriot recipes traditional cypriot recipes cypriot food blog www.afroditeskitchen.com  watermelon-7231

As this is not much of a recipe, since you literally just cut pieces of halloumi and pieces of watermelon to enjoy it, I thought I would instead list my top five ways to tell if a watermelon is going to be good or not.This is the method I adopt and I am pretty happy with the results! …  I’ll probably write a post about the fantastic lunch next Monday. We ate in a beautiful house in Protaras. It’s like my dream house. It was stunning. I would happily cook six course meals all the time if it meant I could cook and eat in a setting as beautiful as that. I can’t wait to share these recipes with you. xx Happy Monday everyone!

1. Hollow Test.

When you tap on a watermelon, you should hear a deep hollow sound. Not a dull sound which indicates its over or under ripe. Some people do not like this technique, as they think it is difficult to apply, but I find the easiest way to tell what sound a watermelon makes is to flick a few of them with your finger – a hollow “thud” sound is better than a hard “tap”.

2. It’s Heavy.

Watermelons are mostly made of water. (It is said they are about 92% water.) So if a watermelon feels very heavy for its size, it means it’s probably full of water and is very sweet.

3. Yellow Patch.

Watermelons grow on the ground. So if a watermelon has been resting in the sunshine and ripening, it will have a belly area which is lighter than the rest. A ripe watermelon will have a white or yellow belly. If you can still see the stripes of the watermelon on its belly, it may mean it is underripe.

4. It’s Dull.

A ripe watermelon will actually be on the dull dark green side. If a watermelon appears shiny, it may be underripe.

5. Stripe Test.

A watermelon that is ripe, will usually be a bit faded on top. If it has stripes, check out the area between the stripes, because this area should be light green. Also run your finger over the watermelon, if you can feel raised “veins” of the watermelon, it is a sign that it is ripe.

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  1. Maria Ioannou

    This is my favourite meal and always around my July birthday – though I now live in the bloody Southern Hemisphere, which means my birthday is in the middle of winter! Argh! I have the haloumi grilled, a little blackened, the watermelon and koulouri pull-apart bread. LOVE. I like the concept of your blog, mixing traditional and modern. My father is Cypriot – he came to London in 1956 when he was ten years old – and he now lives in Cornwall. He is constantly experimenting, updating the traditional recipes and making them less heavy, more healthy.

    • afroditeskitchen

      Hi Maria – I just saw this now, thanks for your wonderful comment. How wonderful, that halloumi combination sounds divine. You guys are heading into summer now right! It’s getting “cold” over here!

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