So close to Christmas, and yet this year I feel as though my to-do list is exponentially growing. Sort of my own doing. I will um and ah over getting the perfect Christmas presents for people, trying to think of something better than the boring hard drive they requested. Only to realize I haven’t come up with anything better and it be two days before Christmas. So I just make these chocolate nut clusters and hope that the computer store still has the hard drives. These chocolate nut clusters are a life saver recipe. They are literally toasted nuts with melted chocolate over top. If you have access to some pre-made caramels, then you can also melt these down and put them in between the nuts and the chocolate. But the combination of chocolate and nuts is a delicious one on its own. You can buy all the ingredients at LIDL.

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200 grams Favorina Choco Lollies, enough melted chocolate to cover the nuts
100 grams variety of lightly toasted nuts of your choice


Lightly toast the nuts in the oven. Melt the chocolate over a double boiler. Pour the chocolate over top the nuts and let dry. Serve and enjoy!