amargetti cyprusHi from a small, rural mountain-side village called “Amargeti” in Cyprus – a little island in the south-east Mediterranean Sea.

I am a Canadian-Cypriot that moved to Cyprus from London (and originally Canada) a few years ago. I have a BA in Jurisprudence from Oxford University and a BSC in Government and Economics from the LSE. I worked for six years in London as an international arbitration lawyer before I traded in my stilettos for a pair of flip flops and moved to Cyprus. I initially started this blog to preserve the traditional Cypriot recipes that I feel the younger generation (like me) are forgetting.  Today, I write and shoot for Taste Magazine in Cyprus and am working on my first cookbook, due out in 2017.

In case you are wondering what Cypriot food is like, it’s similar to Greek food, but not exactly the same. It has a little bit more of a Middle-Eastern influence. And there are most definitely foods and recipes unique to Cyprus itself (like tahinopittes and flaounes).

I learn how to make the very traditional Cypriot recipes and forage for local produce by following my aunts around in Cyprus. I try to convince them to use measuring cups, and they try to convince me not to. I like to add a modern touch sometimes to traditional Cypriot recipes, so you will definitely find a mix of traditional and modern Cypriot recipes here. I also love exploring and talking about what foods and ingredients Cyprus has to offer (especially the markets).

A few years ago, I had a massive health scare, and as a result, it has really made me appreciate the value and importance of healthy eating. While I am still all about moderation, you will see that I like to eat as many vegetables and fruits that are grown or foraged by my family from our village in a small mountain-side village in Pafos as possible. It provides me with a lot of inspiration.

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