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Listeritha Salad-6503 We used to eat “glistirida” (purslane) salad every summer we would visit Cyprus. Purslane has a subtle taste. To me, it’s not very interesting on its own. I don’t find it bitter, but a lot of people say that it does have a slightly bitter taste. When I think purslane is impressive, is when it is paired with the right dressing and vegetables. Purslane goes from sort of boring, to a very healthy, fresh and light summer salad. For a long time, I actually thought that my family was accidentally responsible for introducing purslane into our neighbourhood in Canada from Cyprus. Listeritha Salad-6428I would ride my bike down the block and see purslane growing in the sidewalk. I figured some seeds had found there way in our suitcase and had begun rooting themselves in Canada. But of course I now know this to not be true. Purslane, as I have now discovered, grows everywhere. Listeritha Salad-6497And people have a tendency to view it as a weed — but it really isn’t! It holds a lot of potential. The variety I found sold in stores in Cyprus seems to have larger leaves than the variety I found growing wild in Canada. Having said that, this salad works equally as well with all the purslane I have ever eaten (including the weedy-type found in Canada). This  recipe is a popular simple Cypriot summer salad. Listeritha Salad-6501Purslane leaves and cucumber contain a lot water, which I think helps make this salad refreshing. The salad is dressed in red vinegar, olive oil and dried mint. It’s very crisp and today I enjoyed it with eggs with spring onion and parmesan. OK, that’s about it for today. This is a quick post and to be honest I don’t really think of this as much of a recipe, but it is an excellent way to enjoy purslane that I am not sure if lots of people know about (because of its “weedy” reputation), so I thought I would share. It was my lunch today! ALSO: PS I am making some changes to the website so I truly apologize if any of you (my friend Magda in particular!) cannot leave comments at the moment, I have no clue why, but since the site is receiving a lot of upgrades at the moment, I think this issue will probably resolve itself in about a month! Listeritha Salad-6509

akstampLevel of Difficulty: 1/5
Preparation Time: about 15 minutes
Cooking Time: n/a
Makes 1 small salad for 2 people

2 cups purslane leaves
1.5 tbs dried mint
3 diced Lebanese cucumbers
1.5 tbs red wine vinegar
1 tbs olive oil
salt to taste


1. Dice the cucumbers and add the purslane (add more cucumbers or purslane depending on your preference, you can’t really go wrong).

2. Sprinkled the dried mint, red wine vinegar, olive oil and sat and toss together. Enjoy!


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  1. joseph

    purslane ,love it used all over south America ,wild , 10 times more cancer fighting elements than any other researched weed .used in soups great w garlic and olive oil salt n pepper and dried red pepper flakes

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